Adam Williams is the owner of Williams Wood Furniture & Design. He has a real passion for making quality wooden furniture that is built to last. With the company of his trusted dog Raffy*, he makes each piece of furniture lovingly by hand.

Adam was working in the NHS as a senior programme manager for several years when he decided to take the plunge to set up his own business to follow his dream of turning his hobby of wood working and furniture making in to a full time venture. He loves the challenge that furniture making provides and for him, the real excitement and drive is seeing the whole process unfold, how an initial idea and concept that you can have in your mind can be turned into a beautiful piece of furniture.

His ideal is to create something that every time you walk past or catch a glimpse of it, you take a moment to stop and admire it for it’s form and character. A piece of furniture becomes part of your home and life and as such it’s purpose is to help make it an even more desirable and pleasurable place to be. Whether it is a table, coffee unit, bookcase; each piece should be there to offer assistance in your day to day life while blending into the environment as if it is meant to be there. Seeing and hearing about the delight and satisfaction that people get when they receive their furniture makes it all worth while.


*P.S. Don’t worry, Raffy’s only role is sleeping all day the lazy mutt!